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Empty wine bottles stare in the face of wine drinkers like a big question mark asking what they will do with the empty lot once they are finish pouring sparkling white wine and textured French red wine in their goblets. The answer lies in choosing one of the two available alternatives: get rid of them or do something awe-inspiring. It is the inclination to choose the latter solution that has created a space for decorative wine bottle crafts, which, in turn, will also help the environment.

It is important to add here that not all wine-bottle decorative ideas are too exciting to dissuade people from throwing the empty bottles away and trying their hands at decorating their house and garden with wine bottles. However, there are some ideas that can strongly put the case forward. In this article, we will show you how empty wine bottles can be used for lighting a house in a way that will inspire others to follow suit.

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LED wine bottle light

One of the ways in which an empty wine bottle can help in adorning a home is turning itself into a LED lamp. To function as such a wine bottle, an AA batter box, 2 AA batteries and a glass cutting drill bit to make a hole near the bottom of the bottle for power cable to pass will be required. The LED lamp created from these materials will brightly shine on a corner table. It can also be placed on shelves or anywhere that needs to be accentuated by decorative light, all thanks to its portable power source.

Typically white LED lights are used to make such lamps, but other colorful variants can be used instead should the bottle be white. If the former is chosen, the color of the light will depend on the bottle color, and in the later case on the color of LED lights placed in the bottle. For example, the bottle used in the above image is blue so the light that comes out is blue, whereas, light looks more yellowish and greenish in yellow and green bottles, as shown below.


Decorating these bottles using ribbons, flowers or any other decorative items will make them look even classier.

wine bottle craft decorated

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